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Worst Excuse For Keeping A Corpse

bald eagle 2

I’m not eating THAT!!!

OK loons, fulfilling your dead hubby’s wish is one thing but keeping his corpse for 9 months is a tad extreme. The 88 year old told authorities that her husband wanted his body eaten by birds so everyday she would open the windows and doors but evidently the birds only got as far as the aircon. Police suspect she was telling whoppers because she had sprinkled lime around the corpse and was still cashing in his retirement checks.


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Community Service Announcement

Oh for crying out loud people, one more time…. when donating to US tornado and flood victims can you please quit handing over broken toys and used undies. Thanks! Salvation Army spokesman Mark Jones says it’s now becoming “the disaster within the disaster”

Psst Oh and a big shout out to whoever donated a 3ft plastic Santa. Thoughtful!


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Papal Tour Request

Oh for the love of God, it use to be the Vatican’s greatest fear was that some psycho would jump out of the crowd and try to knife the Pope during his papal tour. Hmm, not anymore. No siree, their greatest fear now is those friggin vuvuzelas. The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is begging the public to leave the friggin things in South Africa and not blow them during his tour of Britain. Seems Pope Benedict is not a fan!


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