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Loon Was At The RAAF

As the search for Malaysian Airlines flight M370 goes into its third week it has been revealed that the Malaysian Government has so far refused to release the full list of items that were being carried in the cargo hold of the plane to Australian authorities (or anyone else for that matter). This has been raising already suspicious eyebrows about what the plane was really carrying and pissing off the pilots who have unenviable task of looking for a friggin needle in a oceanstack. What is Malaysia hiding?

Anywho, for those who don’t know much about Western Australia, the global contingent of planes that have been arriving from around the world to help in the search are making their home at the RAAF Pearce Airbase in Bullsbrook which is basically “out in the boonies” (downtown rural). The base is quite unique as it is right next to the Great Northern Highway where the planes literally land over you. I drove out there yesterday to check out the activity and have a sticky beak. The Chinese planes had just arrived and were out on the tarmac and the two Japanese aircrafts were coming into land, whilst the poor foreign journos were plonked under trees in a small designated area near the main entrance. When I left they were busily writing up their news updates on fold up tables with their car beams as their only source of lighting (sucks to be them). You would think someone would have set up a makeshift tent for them (the bullants and Mozzies must have been having a field day). Greta and Geraldo will not be impressed if they have to venture this way…. unless, of course, they want to bunker down at the Red Roof Hotel Motel or a B&B at Upperthong.

Oh and before I forget, a big hats off and applaud to all the servicemen and servicewomen from around the globe who have put their political differences aside to help find flight M370 . What a wonderful and surprising world we live in. Bravo guys.









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Kim Jong Il Slowly Getting To Meet All The US Presidents

We need something to go with Pyongy beer!!!

Well obviously Kim Jong Il is over golf and into peanuts! Rumor has it former US pres Jimmy Carter is on his way to North Korea to rescue  Aijalon Mahli Gomes who was busted for entering the country illegally. North Korea have agreed to release him if Carter comes and gets him.


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Merry Christmas!!!

Who the hell farted?

What’s worse than 33 men being trapped in a copper and gold mine, 688m underground? Being told it may take 4 months to dig them out!! OMG, Chilean authorities believe the men may have to sit tight until friggin Christmas as they drill a 27″ shaft through solid rock to reach them. Anyone for cards?

Psst I hope no one snores!!!


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