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Vets Go To Heaven

A bit shout out to the vets who have volunteered their time and expertise saving helpless animals caught up in the deadly California fires. So many animals were abandoned as people fled the fast-moving flames.


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Cave Rescue

For the 13 young people trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, the news that a Navy Seal has died en route to them must be devastating. While the world collectively holds their breath, a rethink is now on. The group are trapped in a small pocket. The only possible way out is to swim underwater for about 750m. It isn’t a straight swim, they will have to navigate through some narrow passages in the pitch dark. The risky decision to teach the teens and coach, not only to swim but to use diving equipment may have to aborted following the death of the experienced diver. Time is against them as a monsoon is about to hit and with it more torrential rain. This is truly what nightmares are made of. I have my fingers crossed that by some miracle they can be saved.


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That Sinking Feeling

At what stage did you think making a homemade duct tape raft would get you across the channel? A guy and his his dog were rescued by the Alaskan coast guard after the homemade contraption started taking on water.


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cat 3When your neighbour’s pussycat gets stuck up a 40ft tree for 12 hours and you can’t afford the cost of an animal rescue service why wouldn’t you set up a crowd funding campaign. Four hours later and $205 raised, Boots, the orange tabby, is now back on solid ground. Sleep easy animal lovers, one less cat to worry about.


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Tinder Date Rescue

Take a bow Brickyard pub in England. Every woman who has ever had a horror date applauds you. The pub has a sign inside the female toilets suggesting an exit strategy for extracting ones self from a bad date.

PSST You kinda wonder how many of these they dealt with before sticking up the sign?

tinder date


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Well Done

You know nothing comes between a man and his kids ribs. When a fire broke out in Robert Wrights apartment building he grabbed his kids and then raced back to rescue his ribs. Hello, hero right there.


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Sail Fail

A little word of warning to Aussie sailors who are considering buying a yacht on the US Ebay website because it is a damn sight cheaper than buying one Down Under. Please check the friggin weather forecast (especially the winter storm warnings) before attempting to sail it back to Australia from Rhode Island . The father and son team, who had just purchased the 43ft vessel, didn’t get far…hmm, Nantucket …. before they struck trouble. Ferocious winds ripped their sails to threads and high seas made upchucking inevitable. Enter the US Coast Guards who rescued their sorry asses.


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Tight Squeeze

What’s more embarrassing than having to be rescued after falling down a gap between two buildings? Having a bunch of firefighters use an airbag and lubricant to squeeze you out, that’s what. The embarrassing little predicament happened in Oregon and it took rescuers four hours to free the woman from the 10 gap…. but it may take years for it to removed from YouTube.


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Hey Boo Boo

There’s a bear in… wait… there are three bears in there. Goldilocks, you are such a bitch!!! Lucky a smart thinking couple came to their rescue.


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Injured Hiker Rescues Rescuer

You know what I hate? When you break your leg while hiking and the paramedic who comes to your rescue gets knocked on the noggin with the helicopter blade and you have to friggin rescue him. In extreme pain the hiker, who happened to be a doctor (specializing in trauma), hopped over to the injured man and controlled the bleeding until more help arrived.



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