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Hero Dog

Baby the pit bull is being hailed a hero after it rescued not only a family from their burning home but also the pets. The two sisters were woken up by Baby barking and jumping on them just as the fire was shooting down the hallway, giving them just enough time to escape. After seeing them to safety, Baby raced back into the burning building and rescued his 5 other canine companions, one of which he had to grab by the neck and drag out . I’m guessing he’s gonna be getting some Scooby snacks.


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Don’t Save The Phone

OK, here’s the thing people, you can always get yourself a new phone. When a fire broke in Nathaniel Lagree’s house, the first thing he did was rescue his wife and daughter. Sadly the last thing he did was rush back into the house to retrieve his cell phone. His body was later found by firefighters.

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