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Bubble Man Fails Again

You know there is nothing more awks than having to be rescued by the US Coast Guard in your bubble…AGAIN. Come on dude, endurance running in your hydropod from Florida to the Bermuda Triangle is a pipe dream. Give up, it’s not going to happen, get a day job, find another hobby, try land. Naww, and you get a $40,000 fine. Life can be a bitch.



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Baby Set Adrift

Help me!!!!

Help me!!!!

Absent mindlessness  just reached a new level in Turkey, after a family forgot they had left their 10 month old in a floating device in the ocean. As the family relaxed on the beach a strong wind picked up and the baby just drifted away. Eventually beach goers noticed the object in the distance and contacted Turkish Coast Guard who rescued the bub a kilometre out to sea. Awks.


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Hair Raising

hairA woman saved her friend from a death plunge by grabbing her hair as she leapt from a bridge. The poor lass was left dangling above a busy road as her mate hung on tight to her locks. Fortunately a passer-by saw the drama unfold and rushed to help pull the woman back over the railing.


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Evil Has A Name

The statue of Abraham Lincoln in Florida has a nice little hole in it now, thanks to a naughty little kitty. Somehow the three week old devil managed to find its way inside the statue, forcing rescuers to drill a friggin hole into the sculpture to rescue him.  LOLcat.


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Rolo’s Excellent Adventure

OK, no need to worry loons, Rolo the hamster, who fell 12ft from a window, kaboomed onto a car bonnet and bounced into the path of a neighborhood cat has been rescued by two quick thinking cops who witnessed the rodent’s escapades. The constables shooed the cat while Rolo ran around the wheelie bins and under parked cars trying to avoid being dinner. Rolo was eventually put out of his misery when PC Helen Hansen trapped him under her helmet. The smart thinking cops then knocked on the door of a house which had a sign in the window “Beware of the hamster” and returned the traumatized rodent back to his 8 year old owner Milly Rook, who had no idea Rolo had gone AWOL.


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Glab your Kleenex loons…..


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Man Totally Stumped

Oh my, a man from Orange county got himself stuck inside the hollow of a tree. Oh don’t ask me what the hell he was doing inside a tree but he got stuck and he had to scream like a banshee to get the attention of passerbys. Enter the firefighters who had to bring out their heavy equipment in order to free the fool man.


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Collar Bomb Teen Saved

OMG, you’re a year 12 student, you walk into your home only to be confronted by a balaclava wearing stranger who attacks you and places a friggin collar bomb around your neck…. America you say? Nope, friggin Australia.The girl believed to be Madeleine Pulver from a wealthy Sydney neighborhood spent a grueling 11 hours with the bomb strapped around her neck while police and the bomb squad tried to work out a way to extract her from the contraption. They even sought the help of the British military as no such device had ever been seen in Australia before. Police are baffled by the whole incident but believe it may have been an extortion attempt as a note was also found at the scene. Fortunately for the 18 year old the bomb squad were finally able to remove the device before it went kaboom.

Psst I remember a few years back watching the live Fox News telecast of the pizza delivery guy with the bomb strapped to his neck and that didn’t end so well.

2nd psst A big shout out to the NSW police for how they handled the situation.


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Happy Feet Update

I know you are all wondering what happened to the wayward Emperor penguin which found its way onto a New Zealand beach after taking a wrong turn to Antarctica. Well, Happy Feet (so not original) is currently recovering from an operation to remove beach sand from its gut after it began eating it to try and keep cool. OK, not so bright Happy Feet thought the sand was friggin ice . Yep, not the sharpest tool in NZ the shed! Anywho, if the penguin survives they may consider returning it home. Hmm, but at the moment it is quite content to lie on a bed of party ice at the Wellington zoo.


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Miracle Dog Survives Tsunami

Kleenex alert loons. OMG , we have a miracle. This Friday a Japan Coast Guard Elite Rescue Unit rescued a dog found adrift on a roof at sea. Yes, the pooch had been floating around the sea since the tsunami hit Japan on March 11th. The rescue unit, nicknamed “sea monkeys”, originally attempted to save the dog by helicopter but the noise scared the living daylights out of it, so they sent a boat instead.  The dog, who was wearing a collar, was extremely friendly (I would be too if I was rescued from sea) and happy to chomp down on biscuits and sausages ( I, not so much). No one is quite sure if the dog spent the entire three weeks adrift  but they do know one thing… its a friggin miracle.


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