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Another Hero Alert

Grab your hankies loons, this is one sad story. Six days after the Japanese earthquake reporters were filming a story when a dog suddenly appeared out of the ruble. The wet, mud covered spaniel lead them back to a nearby house where another dog, who they initially thought was dead, lay sick and injured. The spaniel then went and sat by his companion refusing to leave his side. When they realized the other dog was alive they called the Animal Rescue team. It took another hour to separate the dogs because the spaniel refused to move. The injured dog was eventually taken to a vet while his loyal mate was taken to  a shelter . The spaniel was wearing a collar but no one is sure if his master survived.

Psst Anyone wishing to donate to the Red Cross appeal please go to Bearman‘s site. For those wishing to donate to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue, try Global Animal.


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Piano On The Sandbar Finds A Home

OMG, remember that baby grand suck on a sandbar in Florida? Yeah well some musician hired a team to rescue the damn thing. Carl Bentulan said his son pressured him into saving the sorry excuse for a musical instrument, after it was discovered all alone on a sandbar. Ironically the real owners of the piano, the Harrington family, rolled up to retrieve it on the very same day. Snap! Seems threats of massive fines was a great motivator. They told reporters they had placed the former movie prop on the sandbar after it was set alight at a New Year’s Eve Party. Poor friggin thing! Anywho, they were surprised as anyone to discover it was already gone. Meanwhile back at the Bentulan’s house, they say it’s shit and far too gone to ever play music again BUT they plan to make it a decoration in their living room!!!! Really? Maybe in a corner?

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Siberian Cycle Fail

News flash to German cyclist who suffered severe frostbite after attempting to ride through Siberia, yes it is that friggin cold! Sven Riedel decided to cycle some 300km (187 miles) from Ulan-Ude to Lake Baikal despite the temps being -35 degrees Celsius. After riding about 100km, he pitched a tent for the night but was overcome by the friggin cold. If it wasn’t for a local driver who spied the dumbass and persuaded him to get in his car, Sven would have been a human ice block. He later told journos “I didn’t think it would be so cold.” Hmm, have you never watched Hogan’s Heroes? Doctors were worried they would have to amputate a few of his fingers but all’s good, oh,  except for the frostbite on both hands and feet.

Psst I hope he warmed the bicycle seat before getting on…I’m just saying!


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50 Days Adrift


OK, who’s buying the story that 3 teenagers survived 50 days adrift in a small boat in the Pacific Ocean, living on rain water and a seagull? Anyone? The boys, aged 15 and 14, disappeared on the 5th October and were presumed drowned after extensive searches by the New Zealand air force but this week a tuna boat spotted them near friggin Fiji. Despite having really great tans, the boys were said to be in excellent condition. Eyebrows are being raised about their story especially how on earth they caught a seabird for food.


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Wedged In Water Slide

Nothing more sadder than a 20 16 stone woman getting stuck halfway down a water slide. The incident happened at Splash Waterworld pool in Minehead, Somerset, after the woman and and a friend became wedged in their yellow inflatable boat. As the woman was being helped from the inflatable she slipped. About 100 people were evacuated from the ride during the 2 hour rescue mission. At one stage  they considered dismantling the water slide, however after they drained the water they were able to haul her out on a spinal board.


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One Chilean Miner Free

One Chilean miner out, 32 to go. Make that 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.


Psst What’s the bet those damn souvenir rocks are now on eBay?

2nd Psst Dear god imagine how boring the books are going to be? Day 1 …sat in dark….Day 2…still sitting in dark. Hmm, all 33 versions 😦


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YOUR Goose Is Cooked!

Oh for crying out loud drunk man from Wisconsin, chasing a one legged goose to catch and eat is one thing…jumping in the freezing Wisconsin River after the damn thing is a rescuing by firefighters. Dumbass 0, goose 1.

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Dog Saves Himself

Well, well, well, who’s  clever boy then? A Labrador named Max who was accidentally left in a car in soaring heat in Pennsylvania was rescued after he kept honking the horn. The owner, who forgot Max was still in the car after unloading packages , went to investigate the honking  and discovered her pooch sitting in the driver’s seat with his paw on the horn.


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Buffalo Head Pins Man To His Recliner

Who are you calling stuffed?

You know what I hate? When a buffalo head falls from the wall and pins you to your recliner. I really friggin hate that! Police in Florida were called to rescue a man who couldn’t move from his chair after a stuffed water buffalo’s head fell off the wall. Man 0, Stuffed Buffalo 1

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I’m A Lumberjack and I’m OK!

You know if you are a real man lost in the wilderness, you chop down 4 power poles, so a work crew will come to your rescue, duh. A Saskatchewan man who was lost for several days, after his boat hit bad weather on a lake, used an axe to chop down the poles because he knew  SaskPower would have to come out and check the downed lines. Yah, everyone was happy except for the several hundred poor bastards who were without power for 30 friggin hours.

Psst Sheez, I would have stopped at one…blisters, break a nail, electrocuted!!!

2nd Psst I hope this doesn’t set a new precedent for people lost in the wilderness!


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