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What Do You Do With A Drunken Seagull?

Apparently, in Britain, there has been a massive increase in callouts to help drunken seagulls. It is believed the naughty little scavengers have found themselves a nice pile of brewery waste somewhere. One rescuer complained the birds stunk of alcohol and their van smelled like a pub. Bless. The gulls are sleeping it off at the RSPCA.


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Leemings I Tell Ya , Lemmings!!!

Watch what happens when a guy accidentally ends up in an icy lake…. they all follow.



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Man Dies After Rescuers Drop Car On Him

Oh my. A motorcyclist died in New York after rescuers accidentally dropped the car he was pinned under back down on him. A witness said the car had been lifted about 4ft (1.2m) in the air by cops and firefighters when it slipped and dropped back down. They must feel awful.

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I’m Under The Friggin Snow!

Shit, where's 9 on the friggin key pad?

So who’s the luckiest damn hiker alive? That will be the man who used his cell phone to ring 911 from under a pile of snow. The unnamed hiker was swept under by an avalanche but managed to call for help. Despite dispatcher and police being unable to call him back on the phone, the sheriffs department were able to use the cell tower and his description of where he was to eventually locate him four hours later.

Psst I wonder how long before he’ll be  doing a TV commercial for the cell phone company…I’m just saying!

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Human Kebab

Rescuers forced to set javelin alightWhat could be worse than a javelin through your knee? Hmm, well firefighters setting the javelin alight for starters. WTF! When one of Jian Liao’s classmates threw a javelin rather poorly during track training in Guilin, it sailed through the air and right into his friggin knee cap (double ouch with a cherry on top). When rescue workers arrived, they tried to cut the javelin off  with bolt cutters (I assume so he would fit in the ambulance) however Liao was screaming in so much agony they decided to set it alight (the javelin, not his leg!!). Geez, I hope it was made of wood or that thing would have taken forever to burn!

Psst Is that dude toasting marshmallows? Note the nurses, ooh and the man with the bucket!

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