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The Key To Men Living Longer Lives

Hey guys, want to live longer? Scientists have found the key to men extending their life expectancy by up to 15 years. OK, sure it involves a bit of cutting and pain but hey, think of all the extra fun things you can do while your mates are ten feet under.So I bet you are dying to know the secret. OK, ready? The key to living a way longer life is …. become a Eunuch.  Yep, you heard me, castration is the answer to a longer life. Hmm, so says scientists who have been studying Korean Eunuchs. Seems it’s all those male sex hormones that are slowly whittling away your life.


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How To Spot A Psychopath

We are looking for someone who can’t smell.

According to researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, psychopaths have a really poor sense of smell….hmm and empathy. A smelling test on 79 non criminal psychopaths revealed that they were unable to identify distinctive smells such as coffee, oranges and leather. This dysfunction has been traced to the orbito-frontal complex (OFC) part of the brain that has also been linked to severe personality disorders. So you really can’t tell a psychopath to wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Psst Someone might want to inform CSI


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Top Fecal Matter Hiding Spots in Hotel Rooms

Honey, do you smell something?

OMG, just another reason why you should take antiseptic wipes every friggin where you go. A recent study of hotel rooms revealed that the most common place you will find fecal matter is on the TV remote, telephone and bedside lamp. AND by fecal matter I mean poo loons, poo!!!! Oh and don’t bother tipping the maid, she/he is the likely culprit in spreading bacteria thanks to contaminate mops and cleaning gear.


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Link Between the Pill and Prostate Cancer

No need for alarm people  but doctors in Canada believe there is a link between oral contraceptive pills and  prostate cancer. No silly, men aren’t taking them!!! It seems that the estrogen from the birth control pills are being excreted through women’s pee, into the toilets and ending up in our friggin water supply systems. Hello, chemicals that interfere with hormones have a good chance of leading to cancer. Dear god, NOW, everybody panic!  Researchers have long been concerned about the increase of prostate cancer over the past 40 years which coincides with the increase use of the pill.


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Gummy Bears Sacrificed in the Name of Science

Look away Binky, look away.University of Washington researchers are currently subjecting Gummy Bears to horrifically crushing depths in the ocean near Samoa in order to learn more about destructive waves. The pressure at these depths is 500 times greater than at the surface.It is feared many Gummy Bears may lose their life in the name of science.


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Stay Sober Pill

There goes all the fun!

OMG, close your eyes Duncan, you don’t want to read this. Aussie and American scientists are developing a “stay sober” pill. Yes indeedy, you can drink and drink and drink and not get a wee bit tipsy. This can not possibly end well!

Want sauce with that?


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Love Is A Many Splendid Things

It worked dad, thanks!

Well, well, well, it seems when it comes to love men are the first ones to say “I love you” when starting a new relationship. It takes them  about 3 months to say it, which is about six weeks earlier than women. Interesting! Hmm, but be careful girls, men may be just using it to get you into bed. Sheez, after three months you would friggin think so! Women on the other hand use it when they want to seek commitment, which usually puts the fear of living bejesus into the men and they take off faster than a rat up a drainpipe.


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The Things They Don’t Tell You About Shopping Carts

Here’s something you won’t read on Wikileaks!  A new study has revealed 72% of shopping cart handles have friggin  fecal bacteria on them. In layman’s terms…that’s shit! Researchers believe there is more poop bacteria on the carts than in a bathrooms because no one friggin disinfects the carts. It also revealed that E Coli was on half the handles too! For goodness sakes wash your friggin hands people!


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Here’s Something I Bet You Didn’t Know!

Important news flash people, after 40 years of controversy it can now be confirmed, fleas jump from their feet not their knees. Still no cure for cancer.

Want sauce with that?


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Kidney Transplant Via The Vagina

Here it comes!

Hey ladies, would you be tempted to become a kidney donor if they could remove it via  your vagina?  The Methodist Hospital  are going to study whether it is a safer and less painful way for a kidney donor to have their organ removed for a transplant op. Last year a doctor successfully extracted a kidney through a woman’s vagina (like she was having a baby) rather than by abdominal incision. The study will include analyzing the amount of bacteria the kidney must past through when coming out via the vagina!


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