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Bone Eating Snot Flower Worms

Oh for crying out loud keep those friggin “bone-eating snot flowers” away from me. Researches in London have found examples of these mini Osedax worms in a 3 million year old whale fossil. These bone eating snot flower worms , also known as zombie worms organisms, haven’t got a mouth or intestine but infiltrate bones with their fleshy root tissues in order to extract food. Dear god, keep those things in a jar!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Christmas Cake Alert

Look away Susi Spice, look away. British researchers predict that 10 million people will attempt to make their own Christmas cake this year, but 3 million will mess up so badly they’ll be forced to chuck, bury or bin it (or in Susi’s case give it to someone!) because it will be inedible. The increase in people wanting to master the kitchen utensils and bake Chrissy cakes is being blamed on  those friggin cooking shows. Yes, I’m talking about you Nigella! So do yourself and every friggin one a favor, drop the dream and just toddle to the store and buy one.


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OK, deal with this info anyway you see fit. Researchers have studied Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA using  state-of-the-art testing  and have found he’s a descendant of a Neanderthal man. Ozzy has long believed his survival, despite his excessive drug and alcohol abuse, is a result of his genetics. Tada! Hmm, at least he walks erect (kind of)!

Psst Ozzy is also related to Jesse James, tsar Nicholas II and King George I.


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