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Neighbourhood Gets High

OK, here’s the thing Indonesian police, if you decide to set fire to 3.6 tons of marijuana next to your Jakarta office make sure you notify the residents. Evidently some locals got stoned from the smoke wafting into their windows. Journalists and sticky beaks watching the bonfire were also overcome. On a high note (pun intended) , sales of chips, chocolates and sweets went through the roof.


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Yes, About That Complaint You Made

OMG, there's someone at the door!!!!

Sleep with one eye open residents of Andover Estate in London, the Islington council have accidentally given your names and telephone numbers to those drug taking low lifes you’ve had banned from the estate. Whoopsie. About 51 people who complained about their drug taking, loud music and abusive behavior will be getting extra police patrols, thanks to the bungle.Hmm, lets just hope the thugs can’t read!


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Mr Insensitive

Just doing my job!

Traffic cop Daniel Chu has failed to endear himself to the residents of Queens. In fact they hate him so much they want him fired. The ticket happy cop was even ordered into sensitivity training after numerous run ins with the public, including ticketing people at a funeral. But alas it seems to have all been in vain. His latest…wandering up to a woman changing her flat tire near the Elmhurst Hospital and slapping her with a ticket instead of helping her. Ironically Agent Chu doesn’t mind breaking the law to get himself a cup of coffee. He was been seen numerous times speeding, running stop signs and using his flashing lights just to get his coffee fix.


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