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Fifty Shades Of Khaki


OK, are we all following the General Petraeus story so far? If not, here is the loon version. A writer named Paula Broadwell, had sex under a table with  CIA Director David Petraeus (I’m guessing numerous times). At some stage the affair goes kaput. Broadwell, suspecting the Petraeus had been cheating on her with yet another woman, sneaks a peak at his emails illegally (jeopardizing national security). Broadwell was damn right, the general had been two timing her all along. SO, Broadwell does what any scorned woman does, she sends the “other” woman some damn threatening emails telling her to keep her mitts off Petraeus. Meantime the “other” woman, Jill Kelley gets all friggin scared and rings the FBI.  The FBI assigns an agent to investigate the case and he gets all obsessed and sends Kelley a shirtless pic of himself. Petraeus resigns and the whole world is now privy to the shenanigans. In the meanwhile Petraeus’ wife is going WTF.


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Let The War Begin

The soap opera , which is the spat between Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister, has just got a whole lot cliff hangier. Mr Rudd has officially resigned and is heading back to Australia to gather his troops. Meanwhile, Gillard, who was never actually voted in by the people, is counting the numbers. Stay tuned …..


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Rebekah Brooks Resigns

Sinking ship, sinking ship!!!

The hen has finally left the chook house! Rebekah Brooks who is embroiled in the News of the World scandal has finally resigned following an alleged outburst by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, who  declared Mrs Brooks had “fucked the company”. Oh and if Mr Murdoch thought it couldn’t get any worse, the FBI have announced that they will investigate whether any 9/11 victims and their families have had their phones hacked.

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Weiner Gets Heckled

Sheez, it was bad enough Weiner had to suffer the ultimate humiliation after  accidentally  Tweeting his bulging manhood to the wide world web but being heckled as you give your resignation speech has gotta add salt. The press gallery were not going to make it easy for the congressman.

Psst Probably not a good idea to thank your parents for making you the person you are today…I’m just saying!


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Silly Sausage

Anthony Weiner has announced his resignation.


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Thou Shall Not Drink While Driving

Now get back in the kitchen!

Oh for goodness sakes, they finally let a woman head a Protestant church in Germany and what does she do? Gets busted for drink driving, that’s what! Margot Kaessmann (aka Pop Bishop) a divorced mother of four was given the role as head of Germany’s EKD only 4 months ago but has now been forced to quit over the incident.


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