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Well Loons, if I play my cards right I might be otherwise engaged for a few months. Seems a restaurant and bar chain in Tampa, Florida are looking for “Drink It Interns” to travel the world and drink beer for 4 months. I’m in….

PSST Applications close 26th March but don’t bother I got this one home and hosed…. cheers


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Fall From Grace

Nawww, it’s always a tad sad when a burglar ends up in an epic fail. Take this poor soul who came to a humiliating kaboom when he fell through the ceiling of a restaurant after failing to steal anything from the manager’s office. Just not his day.


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Tim’s Place

This would have to be the coolest restaurant …


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Bald Empathy

bowling ball 2A restaurant in Tokyo is offering discounts to bald guys. Seems they pity “hard-working fathers losing their hair” due to job stress. Evidently, the balder you are the bigger the discount. Hmm, how about the poor “hard working mothers who have to put up with stressed out bald hubbies?”


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It’s A Wet World After All

Oh no, not what you want…live fish for breakie. An aquarium  in Disney World’s  T-Rex restaurant cracked during the breakfast rush. Can someone find Nemo!!!!  Bucket to table 5.


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Seal of Disapproval

Seal burgerOh for the love of all things great and small, a restaurant in Quebec is receiving death threats after they began serving seal meat burgers. Whats more they named it the Phoque Bardot burger the ultimate FU …. phoque (French for seal) and Bardot after the anti seal hunting activist and actress Brigitte Bardot. Phew, lucky it wasn’t a “club” sandwich….did I say that out loud? Anywho, social media sites are going berserko.


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Have They No Pride?

Oh for the love of Mexican, some restaurant in Tampa is receiving bomb threats after they added  real lion meat tacos to their menu. Seems animal activists are not fans. The owners and staff have been under threat since news broke about this exotic meat meal. One angry man rang the manager and said he’d “kidnap me and grind me up for a taco.”  Oh and just in case you were wondering, the restaurant gets the meat from a farm in the US that breeds lions for meat.


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Grubby Restaurant

How would you like your caterpillars cooked?

How would you like your caterpillars cooked?

Egads, an African restaurant in France has been closed after health inspectors discovered a pot of boiling caterpillars in the kitchen. Evidently they are a common source of protein in Africa. They also had to throw out 300lbs of meat because they could not produce certificates showing the origin of it. Hmm, probably horse 😯


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Waiter Fail

You know what I hate? When you get your restaurant receipt and it has “fat girls” printed on it. Seems the waiter added it to identify the customers. Needless to say they were really , really pissed.


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Honey, Just Use The Tablecloth, Mommy Forgot The Toilet Paper

OMG, a woman in the US was caught potty training her snowflakes at a restaurant. Yes, you heard me, a friggin restaurant.Horrified customer, Kimberly Decker, who originally thought the little kids  were sitting on booster seats,  snapped a photo of one of them perched on her potty (while eating chicken nuggets) and then later posted it on Facebook. Decker said “The more you thought about it, the more unappetizing everything looked around me,”


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