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This Is Your Pilot Freaking

Remember the JetBlue  pilot who went troppo on a New York  flight in March? Sure you do, he jumped out of the cockpit midflight and went screaming down the aisle yelling crazy stuff about terrorists and 9/11 before being restrained by passengers. Yeah him. Well, he’s been ruled insane and won’t face any charges.


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You know what I hate? When you are flying from Bali to Melbourne and a passenger with an undiagnosed mentally illness loses it mid flight. I really friggin hate that. The Virgin Blue flight had to make an emergency landing in Darwin to remove the man and cart him to hospital. Meanwhile the 148 passengers will now have a chance to go stir crazy themselves, forced to stay in Darwin  while they wait for an engineer to check the plane because it landed with a huge thud during the drama. Sheez!


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