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Be Kind To Hackers

See I told you guys not to mess with the global hackers but would you listen? Nope. Now see what’s happened, they are friggin targeting US police agencies. A group called AntiSec are none too happy about the recent arrests of alleged key players ( from LulzSec and Anonymous) in the Sony and CIA hacking scandal and are now venting their anger by hacking into US police computers and threatening to release confidential info about police officers across America. In a statement the group said “We are doing this in solidarity with Topiary and the Anonymous PayPal LOIC defendants as well as all other political prisoners who are facing the gun of the crooked court system.”


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Were Terrorists Trying To Kill Kenny?

Could the dumbassed bomb that failed to kaboom in Time Square be linked to the recent South Park “Muhammad” piss pulling? OK Loons, here’s the connection, the vehicle was parked really close to the Viacom building which owns Comedy Central (who produce South Park). Coincidence? Or is it the Pakistani Taliban who are claiming responsibility? Either way, you’d be a fool to claim responsibility when the whole thing has been called “amateurish”. Personally I’d blame it on Kim Jong Il and be done with it!

Psst Hats off to the t-shirt vendor who noticed the smoke billowing from the car and notified police.

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