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Don’t Rock Up Drunk To Retrieve Suspended Licence

Couple arrive drunk to pick up suspended drivers licenceOK, here’s the thing Abbotsford couple, when one goes to retrieve your (in this case the woman’s) suspended license from a police station, there are a few protocols to adhere to. OK, number one, don’t start by parking your truck in the “police vehicles only.” bay…it only attracts undue attention. Secondly, do not and I repeat do not, appear drunk when asking for your driver’s licence back at the front counter…they are known dobbers.Oh and thirdly, ooh yes there is a thirdly, don’t leave your empty and full bottles of beer inside your truck in plain view. hmm, because you know what, Abbotsford couple? Those damn police are going to friggin test your man for alcohol consumption, tow his truck away and seize his licence for 24 hours too. Hmm,can’t wait to see how the Abbotsford couple fair tomorrow when they try this once again.


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