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Royal Wedding Review

Yes, the loon watched the Royal Wedding. For some reason I was captivated by Will’s bald spot, no matter how hard I tried I kept staring.  Also fascinating was Elton John’s inability to know the words to any of the hymns sang. Fergie’s kids had rather hideous hats. Chelsea got a bummer seat, plonked next to someone she air-kissed. Harry looked bored. Beckham wore his OBE medal on the wrong side. Hmm, I swear Kate choked over the word “poorer” during the “richer for poorer” spiel . Oooh and that ring looked like it wasn’t gonna fit. You twist not push Will!!!! Mommy Middleton looked like the cat who swallowed the canary while hubby just sweated profusely! Everyone got a royal welcome except for Charles and Camilla (not crowd pleasers). Poor darl must be still spitting chips she was married at a registry office!

Psst Rumors are that Kate will place her wedding bouquet on Princess Diana’s grave.


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Fruit Gushers Review

Can I  really believe this kid,  he’s kinda chubby and he hasn’t made his bed!


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She Bops

and no, I didn't take the photo, friend did!

OMG, I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert last night and I must say it was more an experience  than it was a concert. Wearing a bright red wig, Cyndi Lauper metamorphosed throughout the night into teacher, student, philosopher, artist, mother , wife, musician, humanitarian, comedian  and serious blues artist. Some fans must have been scratching their heads when she burst on stage and began belting out blues numbers from her latest album. It was a  far cry from her 80’s pop persona. However when  she walked off stage and into the audience and onto the seats she had them eating out of her hands.
Perth was a tough crowd, but she worked it hard to unravel the conservative politeness which has seeped into our music culture (we don’t stand up and dance no more). By nights end however she had everyone, and I mean everyone, on their feet and breaking into song.
When she finally sang Girls Just Want To Have Fun (a song she must now dread) Lauper split the crowd into two sections and had them singing the chorus in rounds like some huge karaoke party. When an exhausted Lauper left the stage the crowd was still buzzing over what they had witnessed.
The biggest compliment for Cyndi Lauper would have to have been the queues of people after the show lining up to get their hands on her latest album.

Psst I’m not sure if the crowd fully appreciated the musicians Lauper  had bought with her on tour but Charlie Musselwhite, Michael Toles and Steve Potts are R&B legends.


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Emily Dickinson Sucks

Ever tried to plow through the compete works of Emily Dickinson? Hmm no? Probably a good thing. Here is a review from someone who tried.

Psst Now why couldn’t Dickinson be more like OCDBloggergirl?


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Cuil – So How’s That Working For You ?

When something doesn’t look right, you should take heed. The new search engine Cuil, is friggin NOT. Firstly, use a “real word” so my spell checker can get a day off, secondly use a friendly  background so I don’t feel as though I am about to enter a porn site and thirdly test before you launch dahh!

This is how much I like Cuil, I would go to a public library before ever going back onto Cuil to search for something. You know we love hating Google, but if this is our best alternative we are in deep cyberspace. A library without an index system is like, well Cuil!  Lets just hope they aren’t using the public to sort out all the glitches!!! Lucky I didn’t buy any shares in this dot com.

Apprentice search engine…..YOU’RE FIRED !

I am nominating Cuil for the 2008 Friggin Loon Award.

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