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Richard III Has Been Found

Stop looking people, Richard III has been found. OK, some bones have been found by archeologists in the location of where they believe he was buried, but bones is a good start. The remains have all the signs of being that of the late king, including the tell tale spinal curvature (he evidently suffered from severe scoliosis) , a dink on his noggin and a barbed arrowhead lodged in his upper back. Hmm, sounds like him. Definitely the winter of his discontent!!!



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This Is Proabably the Winter of His Discontent

Want to know where King Richard III is buried? Hmm, didn’t think so. Anywho, the  University of Leicester do and they are about to dig up a car park at the council offices in search of the remains of the man who ruled England from 1483-1485. They think his body was brought to Leicester and buried in a Franciscan Friary (exact location sketchy). Archeologist have a week to find the bones and if they do, they have a line up of direct descendants ready to hand over DNA to test and compare. I suspect if it is the location of the Friary there maybe more than Richard’s bones to be picked through!!!


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