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Rick Perry Strong Much?

Oh boy, Rick Perry should never have let his mom pick out his wardrobe for his TV commercial, now his “Strong” campaign has gone viral in a Brokeback Mountain kinda way …

The original ad …

The send ups ….

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Rick Perry In Damage Control

Move over Ashton, the doghouse isn't big enough for the both of us

OK, here’s the thing Rick Perry, when considering running for the job of President of the United States, it is probably a good idea to remove anything from your past that could possibly come back to bite you on the friggin ass. Hmm, yeah I’m talking about that  sign on your Texas Ranch property that reads “Camp Nigger Head”.  Sheez, all they need is a photo of you in black face and you’ve pretty much secured a place in next  seasons Dancing With the Stars. I’m just saying!!!


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What Would MacGyver Do?

Don’t friggin mess with Texas Governor Rick Perry if you know what’s good for ya. He took a leaf out of Chuck’s book when he shot dead a coyote while jogging with his daughter’s Labrador retriever puppy near Austin. The darn Coyote  leaped out of the bushes and near ate his pooch before he let rip with his .380 Ruger laser-sighted pistol, which was loaded with hollow-point bullets. Mr Perry said he carries the gun because he’s scared of snakes! How friggin big are the snakes in Texas?


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