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Honey, You Have Something in Your Hair

Oh my, an Amusement Park in the UK, has decided to breathalyser all riders after an increase in upchucking. Wait for these frightening stats. Evidently in the past 7 days there has been a 250% increase in rides being shutdown due to projectile vomit incidents (mainly from drunk or hungover students).  Dear lord, pass me the gloves and a bucket of sand. Gross.

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How Tacky

The 14th stage of the Tour de France has been marred by sabotage. Some bastard threw tacks on the course causing 30 riders to receive dreaded punctures. Last years winner, Cadel Evans, was forced to stop three times due to punctures while another rider broke his collarbone after riding over the nails. Interestingly, the tacks appeared after the Spanish rider, who eventually one the stage, had ridden past.


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Excited Horse Fail

When a horse gets excited it’s probably best to just get off…

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