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Motivational Bike Riding Speech

Sheez, imagine what this kid will be like when he learns to drive?


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Fat Woman vs Mechanical Bull

If you missed this last year, here’s a repeat performance…….

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Happy Ending

An enormous shout out to Ken Thompson, the Aussie man who has been cycling around Europe in search of his missing son Andrew. Authorities have just confirmed they have found him alive and well after his mother, Melinda Stratton, tried to enroll him in a school in Amsterdam. The principal became suspicious over his expired passport and ran a security check and discovered he was on the Interpol. Mr Thompson had spent the last three and a half months cycling through Europe looking for the boy, after his wife, who is mentally ill, fled with him in 2008. Despite efforts by police and Interpol Mr Thompson eventually quit his job, bought a bike and began riding through Europe with a picture of his son printed on the back of his riding shirt in an effort to find him. Sheez, now you can get off that friggin bike!


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Dog Day Afternoon

OMG, I’m guessing  it was either hold on tight or be eaten!!!!

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