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Dangers of Rifle Fishing

OK here’s the thing Salmon fisherman, you don’t use a friggin .22 caliber rifle to catch your prey because a) it ain’t “fishing” and b)  the bullet may ricochet off a rock and hit you in your goddam noggin….. make that your temple!!! The man from Thurston County said that when he scratched his injury with his finger “the bullet fell out of his head in the river”

Psst Ironically he was treated and released from a local hospital, more than I can say for the poor salmon!!

2nd Psst Why thank you Craig Perry for your heads up on this story


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Did Bin Laden Shrink?

Sheez, just when you thought you’d seen everything in twaddles a tiny terrorist dwarf with an AK-47 assault rifle slung over his shoulder.Yep, the mini Mujahideen, who looks strikingly like a miniature Bin Laden was filmed on the streets of Afghanistan.


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Another Gun Tragedy

A 14 year old South Carolina boy shot his father, great aunt and grandmother with a rifle he was given as a birthday present before calmly ringing 911. When police arrived they found the father and great aunt deceased and the grandmother still alive but in a critical condition. The boy who can not be named, did not to appear to have any known mental issues and was well behaved at school. When asked why he did it, the boy told police “I don’t know”. Sad, sad, sad, no winners here.

Want sauce with that?


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Fox 1, Hunter 0

Don’t mess with Belarus foxes if you know what’s good for ya. A hunter got as good as he gave when a fox accidentally shot him in the leg. The unnamed man had wounded the fox and was about to kill it with the butt of his rifle when the fox struck back. After wrestling with the hunter for a while, it’s paw accidentally pulled the trigger and kaboom!

Psst Fox took off never to be seen again.


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Don’t Try This At Home

OK, here’s the thing Vermont prankster, when punking your friend make sure it really is an air gun and not a friggin rifle. A Vermont man is in deep shit after he decided to wake up his friend by shooting an air gun at him. Only prob was it was actually a loaded rifle. Fail. Now the friend is on manslaughter charges. This will not look good on his resume, I repeat, NOT FRIGGIN GOOD!

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Booby Trap Fail

OMG, when you booby trap your own home it’s wise to remember.  Jos Potvin (75) died after he forgot he had rigged a rifle to a string that ran across the floor of his bedroom. Quebec police believe he triggered the trap when he got up to make himself a meal. The poor man had been terrified of being burgled and rigged up the trap to blow the shit out of would-be thieves.


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You’ve Been Skunk’d!

Oh for crying out loud Daniel McDaniels, how did you manage to shoot yourself in the face trying to kill a skunk? Easy it seems. When loading a .22 caliber rifle make sure it isn’t already loaded because if you accidentally pull the trigger…. kaboom! McDaniels 0, skunk 1.


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Dragonfly Shooting Is Dangerous

I don't know, something about dragonflies!

I don't know, something about dragonflies!

OK for starters, what kind of person goes and shoots dragonflies with a rifle? A Johnsonville man is lucky to be alive after he walked in front of his friend, who was shooting at dragonflies, and copped a bullet to the head. The victim apparently didn’t notice he was picking off the little creatures one by one with a rifle! The man was later found bleeding profusely from the head at the Carvers Bay Convenience Store. No word yet on how many dragonfly fatalities.


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