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Kitty 1, Man 0


Unless that little kitty was a lion cub I wouldn’t be ringing police to complain about being bitten by a kitten. Craig Wyatt was trying to tie a piece of string around the feline’s neck when meow, he got bit, so he rang the cops. When the officers arrived the poor little thing was tied to a tree and Wyatt had a puncture through his thumbnail.


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Police Fail

Hmm, let me check my diary!

No wonder you have to have a stiff upper lip in Britain. When Shopkeeper Graham Taylor spied two thieves stealing a bottle of whisky and a Baileys from his store in Yorkshire he gave chase. As luck would have it, as they disappeared into a cemetery, Mr Taylor spotted a police officer sitting in a patrol car. He ran up to him and asked for help but was surprised when the policeman told him “You had better call the police.” So when Mr Taylor rang the police they failed to show because they were too busy celebrating a colleagues retirement party. How did he know this? He went to the police station and found cars covered with balloons and heard shouting and cheering coming from inside the building. Let anarchy prevail!


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Dumbass and Lazyass Robbers

One more time people, do not and I repeat do not, ring the police after robbing a store to get help changing a flat tire. Mark Franklin and James Jennings allegedly held up a Express store in North Carolina before fleeing the scene. A few hours later their car gets a flat so they ring 911 for help. Unfortunately for the hapless pair, the officer sent out to help recognized them from security camera footage of the robbery and arrested their dumbasses.

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