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Pot Calling The Kettle

Burglar rings 911A burglar who got sprung by an armed homeowner rang 911 requesting help . LOL. The judge must have taken pity because he got 7 years probation and 200 hours of community service for his trouble.


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Hello, 911

Man rings 911 after being stood up on a dateWhat do you do when you catch a bus all the way from Montreal to Barrie for a date and she doesn’t show? Ring 911 and demand the police track her down and find out why she stood him up, that’s what. Damn straight he deserves an answer. The nerve of some people.

Psst Maybe she got the bus terminals mixed up?


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I’m Under The Friggin Snow!

Shit, where's 9 on the friggin key pad?

So who’s the luckiest damn hiker alive? That will be the man who used his cell phone to ring 911 from under a pile of snow. The unnamed hiker was swept under by an avalanche but managed to call for help. Despite dispatcher and police being unable to call him back on the phone, the sheriffs department were able to use the cell tower and his description of where he was to eventually locate him four hours later.

Psst I wonder how long before he’ll be  doing a TV commercial for the cell phone company…I’m just saying!

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A Double Dumbass Day

OMG, not only did a car thief ring 911 to report the truck he had just stolen had run out of gas but  it was later discovered he had filled the diesel vehicle with unleaded, thus the real reason why it had stalled.


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Walking knife Sheath

Dude, rad body pierce !

OK, you get stabbed in the chest with a 5 inch knife all the way to the handle, you call 911, then what? Well if you are the 52 year old dude from Warren, Michigan you walk a mile to the Brayz’s Hamburger joint in Hazel Park and order a coffee. I hear they are good. The owner said he walked in, ordered the coffee and said he was waiting for an ambulance ….meanwhile  horrified diners instantly lose their appetite. The man, who was stabbed after being asked for money, described his attacker as being tall with a goatee and  wearing a hooded sweatshirt . Hmm, which just about describes  every thug on the friggin planet.


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It’s The 911 Winner of The Week

Man rings 911 because he lost his house keyLin Xu take a bow. Mr Xu was arrested for misuse of 911 after he rang the Boynton Beach, Florida, emergency line because he couldn’t find his house key. Hmm, to make matters worse when asked his address he gave his Texas one. Police are still not sure if he is visiting Florida or lives there. So, I am guessing Mr Xu’s English is not very good!

Psst No word on whether he found the key!

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911 Call of the Week!

Drunk rings 911 looking for help to find his alcoholRobert Edward Cook just wanted his alcohol back when he rang 911. Bless. When Mr Cook’s family had finally had enough of his unsociable drinking behavior they went and hid his alcohol (as you do). Hmm, unfortunately it only succeeded in getting  him even more down right pissed, so he rang 911 hoping they could help him find it. Wrong. Mr Cook was promptly arrested for making a false 911 call.

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