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All I can say is thank goodness the Rio Olympics are over…sheez. I did have sympathy for the cameramen, who tried in vain to make it look like there were no empty seats. But these guys some it up the best….

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When My Baby Smiles at Me I Go To…..

Oh for crying out loud, don’t you hate it when you have cleared the pole vault and your pole gets in the way. Awks. No medal for him, but a whole lot of respect!!!


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Is It Diving or Running

diveAfter watching an athlete dive over the finish line to steal a gold at the Rio Olympics, I am hoping the rules will be changed. Shaunae Miller who was clearly going to lose the 400m race to American Allyson Felix , dives to win gold.  I hope the rules will be changed so it is the first FOOT to cross the line WINS.


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Zika Virus has just been added to the Olympics

Lets hope the Zika Virus is steroid proof or we are going to have more trouble than a Lance Armstrong Tour de France reunion. Fears are mounting that the virus will spread globally if the Rio Olympics proceeds. So hands up, who wants to host the Olympics…anyone? Brazil have 99 days to call it quits.



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