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Black Day for Football

Soccer just hit a new low after a football riot in Egypt  left 73 people dead and at least a thousand injured. Things got ugly after Al-Masry had a rare win over Al-Ahly , Egypt’s top team. The moment the final whistle blew Al-Masry  supporters invaded the pitch and began hurling stones at the players and fans of Al-Ahly. The violence that followed has left the sport’s world stunned. Hmm, that’s why we should all play badminton.


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London Rioters Not the Sharpest Tools

Oh, for crying out loud ….




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Generation Scum!

Hey, can you smell something? Hmm, smells like smoke. Oh wait a minute that must be London!!! What the, people?  The capital of England has had yet another horror night as mobs set fire to cars and buildings following the police shooting  of Mark Duggan three days ago. Huge fires are raging out of control in South London as mobs of  friggin gutless hooded thugs wreak havoc. Children as young as 7 have been seen rampaging through the streets. Police have now admitted they are powerless to stop the violence and mayhem as it spreads through England. AND it’s not being helped by social media network sites  who are fueling on the trouble. Hmm, so when are the Olympic Games again?

Psst No worries, Prime Minister David Cameron is going to abort  his hols in Italy to fly home and sought the mess.

2nd Psst Take note….this is what happens when countries take away the naughty stairs!


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It’s Only A Game

Hey, anyone happen to know the score between the Canucks and Bruins?  Ooh, OK, sensitive subject huh? Seems some  ice hockey fans were a little pissed that the Boston Bruins claimed victory in the Stanley Cup so they went on a little rampage through Vancouver. Yep, they set cars on fire, broke windows, hit, stabbed and punched each other and basically turned the area into a war zone . One distraught fan shouted at the vandals “Way to showcase our city, guys,”

Oooh, watch one poor fan get a gas grenade to the balls …


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