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Lucky He Wasn’t A Terrorist

Wow, look at all those police cars!

Sheez, police in Britain are efficient. Tom Hardyment was returning to England from a trip to the US when he was marched off the plane at Heathrow by four policemen, thrown in a van and held in a cell for 6 hours before finally being released.Reason? He was involved in a  traffic dispute 7 months earlier. Mr Hardyment claims he was involved in a altercation with an Asian woman at a set of traffic lights several months back. She jumped out of a car and began screaming abuse (you know the usual road rage stuff). Anywho, one thing lead to another and before he knew it police had  contacted him over the “racist attack”.  When Mr Hardyment tried to speak to police about the incident they continued to canceled the meetings.  In the end he told the police  he was going on a trip and would speak to them on his return. He pretty much got his wish!

Psst Hmm, I wish British police are that efficient when I am getting mugged, stabbed or murdered!


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When Moms Go Wild


Remind me never to get into a road rage with someone who has a dirty diaper handy. Jessica Hollis and Melanie Campbell got into a little tiff at a set of traffic lights and well, one thing lead to another and Ms Hollis smeared a dirty diaper on the rear window of Campbell’s car. That’s a harassment charge right there.

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Motorcycle vs Motor Home

But way worse...

But way worse...

OK, here’s the thing, if you are really pissed off  being stuck behind a slow moving recreational vehicle, just count to ten and think good thoughts! Oh dear, a motorcyclist has been impaled on a motor home after a road rage incident. Yes, I said impaled. Seems from eyewitness accounts the motor home driver was travelling around 55mph along the California highway when the biker became annoyed and made a few  obscene hand gestures before passing the vehicle and  slamming on the brakes in front of it. OK, not the smartest option! Unfortunately the motor home driver, Michael Antoine, had no time to stop and plowed straight  through him. Needless to say the biker died at the scene. Let this be a lesson people!


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