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Orange Is The New Road Kill Color

Quick loons start making bright neon orange flags, you could make a fortune. A Florida city has placed a bucket of orange neon flags near a busy intersection in Fort Lauderdale with instructions on how to wave it around while using the crosswalk to avoid getting cleaned up. Yep, seems painting the crosswalk bright purple wasn’t enough for motorists so now they are turning to the pedestrians to make themselves more visible. The city is hoping to expand the orange flag idea to other dangerous intersections around Florida to avoid more pedestrian road kill.


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Roadkill Stew

It is now legal in Montana to eat roadkill Woohoo Montana, congrats , you can now take roadkill home to cook. Yep, the law has finally been passed so you can now carry a scraper, shovel, whatever in your car to pick up any squashed critter. Despite the passing of the law hunters say they won’t deliberately target animals to run over.


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Roadkill Anyone?

OMG, a Chinese restaurant in Kentucky has been shut down after a health inspector discovered roadkill in the kitchen. The dead deer had been wheeled through the eating area  earlier and was spied by a horrified customer who saw its leg sticking out of a garbage bag. The owner’s son later fessed he found the dead animal on the side of the road but said he had planned to serve it to his family not his customers.


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The Indignity Of It All

Oh for the love of all things bright and beautiful, you would have thought someone might have scraped the roadkill off the road before painting a friggin yellow line. Hartlepool Borough Council workers are in a little bit of bother after they decided to paint  a yellow line over a squashed hedgehog  rather than shift it with a shovel. The excuse? They were told to work quickly because the Tall Ship Race festival was coming to town.Wannna see what a squashed hedgehog with a yellow line over it looks like? Thought so…click here.

Psst Oh come on people the hedgehog was dead. It would be wrong to paint a yellow line on it’s back if it was still alive.


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Stop Amphibian Roadkill

In France road kill is the highest cause of death for frogs, toads and newts. Therefore it is understandable why the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals would want to build special road crossings and tunnels for the amphibians. For crying out loud people,  friggin millions of frogs loose their limbs or die  because of careless drivers each year , it’s such a travesty (imagine how many mouths they could have fed). Anywho the association is pushing for a driver awareness campaign to protect the little critters.

Psst I am all for protecting the frogs and newts but toads? They can get stuffed!


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Roadkill Alert!

Geez, that was close!

Oh dear god, do you have to be told? Do not and I repeat do don’t pick up friggin roadkill bear remains off the sides of highways and roads in Florida, it’s illegal. Gross. The warning follows an incident where a dead black bear was removed butchered, skinned and it’s meat cut into steaks by a group of men who wanted to hang it’s hide on a wall (Geez, what happened to the friggin thrill of the hunt?). And if you were wondering it’s not the Palin’s, they have an alibi! WTF, bear roadkill steaks…no friggin thanks! Gosh, you wouldn’t have a clue where that bears been or what creepy friggin disease it may have had .  So again leave the friggin roadkill alone!


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Ingenious Indigenous Drug Smugglers

Oh for goodness sakes people, will you quit smuggling your friggin drugs and alcohol into the remote indigenous communities via roadkill! It’s friggin gross for starters. Evidently, the latest craze is to gut a dead animals found on the side of the road, fill the carcass with alcohol and ganja (cannabis) and then stitch the creature back up. Politicians are concerned that people in the Northern Territory are resorting to these types of actions to get around the current restrictions on the purchasing of alcohol.No really, you think? Seems that now the flow of alcohol has been somewhat stemmed there is now a massive increase in drug use. Rock and a hard place me thinks.


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Celebrity Albino Squirrel Dies In freak Car Accident

Celebrity albino squirrel hit by car and dies

RIP little white squirrel!

Look away animal lovers we have a roadkill story. Celebrity albino squirrel Snowny aka Percy or Albi has been run down and not in a good way. Flat as a tack. For 5 years the local children and animal lovers have been enchanted by the white rodent but now they can only mourn his passing at a shrine the Surrey townsfolk have set up in honor of the snow white squirrel. Hmm, and if you want to send your condolences a Facebook page has been set up too! Lou Gardey was the first on the scene after the accident and arranged for the little tyke to be buried in the churchyard. Locals say his passing is like a little light has gone out. Locals are planning to have a plaque put up in his honor. Bless.

Psst I bet the person who hit him feels like a heal!

2nd Psst Geez, how many RIP albino squirrel Facebook groups are there? Get some road sense little guys!


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