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Toothless Tiger

Hmm, I know....

A Pennsylvania  bank robber told police the only reason she robbed the First National Bank was so she could afford to pay for a set of dentures. Evelyn Fuller, who has no teeth, came forward after a man recognised the coat he had loaned her and squealed told police. Oh well, at least she will now get her wish ….and probably 20 years.


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You’re Da Bomb!

Sheez, talk about going to extremes to rob a bank. Three men broke into the home of a bank teller, strapped a bomb onto him, then proceeded to the Coral Gables bank where the teller was forced to help steal an undisclosed amount of money. The suspects later fled in a red Ford Mustang leaving the teller to sweat in out with the explosive device.  Hurt Locker! Oh and if you were wondering, the bomb squad managed to remove the device without a kaboom!

Psst Hmm, an eyebrow raise. How did the suspects know where the teller lived?

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Stick Them Up I Have A Remote!

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Nice one Edward Callahan. Callahan, a New York homeless guy, decided to try his luck robbing a bank with an old TV remote control. Damn thing nearly worked too, especially after he told the teller  it was hooked up to a bomb. Everybody panic. Terrified employees of the Chase Bank went scurrying up to the roof fearing a kaboom, while a trembling Callahan got his bag of money. Doh, unfortunately poor old Callahan only got a short distance out of the bank before having a seizure. Oh well, on the bright side, he won’t be homeless anymore!


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