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What The Hell Is This?

dumbassSeems muggers are getting rather fussy in the Big Apple. After two armed men robbed a guy in Central Park, taking his a cellphone, a briefcase and a wallet, they paused a second before handing back his phone. Evidently, the outdated 2010 LG Quantum wasn’t good enough for them. Needless to say the victim used his crappy Quantum to ring the police.


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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

monkey 2OMG, a pair of bungling burglars who cut themselves on broken glass while ransacking a gym came up with an ingenious idea . After having wrecked the place they returned a short time later with white paint to cover over their blood. Hmm, a nice shade of pink. But anywho, the fools had no idea their antics were being recorded on CCTV footage.

Psst Welsh


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No Balls

new york woman tells robber he hasnt the balls to shoot herWord of warning to any would-be robbers planning to mug a PJ wearing New Yorker by putting a gun to her head. She is going to cut you down so bad, you won’t have time to scratch them. When the woman snuck out of her NY apartment for a smoke, she sprung two thieves robbing her car . When she confronted them, one placed a gun to her forehead and told her ” I’ll shoot you bitch” . Big mistake.  He got this response back … “No, you won’t.” …. followed by….  “It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have balls to do that. And you have none.” Ouch. While the mugger processed the insult, one of her friends jumped him. The two were last seen fleeing down the road.

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Reality Show Heist

Of all the low down, sneaky tricks, two students from a tech school robbed two  men by claiming they were shooting a scene for a new reality show called “You Just Got Robbed.” They put them in headlocks, stole $20 whilst filming it all on a cell phone and then took off. Hmm, seems the sequel is “You Just Got Caught!”

Psst Indiana


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The Pitfalls Of Facebook

Note to self, never post a big wad of cash on Facebook.  A 17 year old girl in Sydney, who was helping her granny count a big pile of cash she had stashed, decided to post a photo of it on Facebook. Enter big bad wolves. Two men, armed with a knife and a wooden club, stormed the teen’s parent’s home that very night demanding the cash. Problem? The teenager didn’t live there and neither did granny. Unfortunately, for the parents they did and had to deal with the thugs. Fail.

Psst Sheez, I hope she friggin  defriend the bastards!!!


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Carjacker Fail

OK, here’s the thing would-be robbers, if you plan to include carjacking in your robbery attempts, make sure you know how to drive a friggin manual car. Two dumbasses pulled a gun on a couple in a car and demanded they get out, hand over their money and cellphones before they jumped into the car. Problem was, neither knew how to drive a stick shift. After a few awkward minutes gear crunching and jackrabbitting up the road, they exited the car and took off on foot.

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No Shit Sherlock

Attention all crooks in Sweden, if you plan to commit a crime, make sure you don’t leave a friggin pile of poop at the scene for the police to later DNA and link to you. Two robbers, who broke into a farm, tied up the owner and made off with money and a car now regret having taken a crap before setting the car alight. Tsk, tsk, I hope they wiped their bums!



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