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Karma is a Bitch

Last night I was having dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant when a dodgy looking couple walked in. As I have the back corner table I had the best of views. I knew they were trouble and watched the trap unfold. The woman pretended to be extremely thirsty and asked if she could buy a bottle of water, whilst the guy stood in the doorway.  It is a restaurant so it was an unusual request. Anywho, as the guy paid for the water the woman placed her bag on the counter (over the tip jar) and grabbed the notes out from under it. They then both hurried off out the door, not even bothering to take the water. As soon as they left I went up and told the staff what had happened. While I was talking to the manager and laughing my head off, I could see the now furious couple yelling at each other in the carpark.  The reason? The tip jar is always full of useless old notes from Asia. And the bonus, the waitress charged them $4.50 for the water. Classic fail.

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Bubblegum Bandits Strike Again

Unless sniffer dogs can’t smell drugs in bubble gum, police are no closer to working out why the hell bandits are stealing gum from gas stations.The latest heist in Sterling Heights netted the thieves $318 of bubble gum. The trick, it seems, is for one dude to distract the clerk while the other dude strips the shelves in the candy aisle. Police have reported similar bubblegum thefts in Warren and Madison Heights! Everybody panic!

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