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Vacuum Cleaner That Really Sucks

hairFeet up everyone. A South Korean woman has been attacked by her robot vacuum cleaner. The rogue machine waited until the woman was snoozing before making its move. With stealth the VC zipped over to her and sucked up her hair refusing to let go. A struggle ensued but the VC wasn’t about to give up. Eventually she managaged to ring emergency services, who rushed over and found the evil robot attached to her head. No word on the fate of the rogue vacuum cleaner but the woman will no longer be taking naps on the floor while vicious cleaner appliances are around.


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Handy Robots For The Dinner Table

Don’t you hate it when your ketchup robot makes a mess?

Don’t worry dear loons, we have a solution, a ketchup clean up robot.


See, all good.



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Ruby The Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Students at Swinburne Uni have created the fastest Rubik’s Cube solving robot in the world. Yeah, yeah, still no cure for cancer but this is way cool!

Psst Friggin Skynet has arrived !


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