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NASA Claim Parts Of The Moon

You can't land that thing here, it' a no fly zone!!!

Oh for crying out loud, now NASA think they own the moon. Seems they want a “no fly” zone around the “historical sites” and “artefacts” left by Apollo 11 etc. Which, by the way, includes discarded food and abandoned astronaut faeces. Anyone who happens to land on the moon (insert snicker here) will not be allowed to go between 75-225 meters (250-750ft)  of each site. Hmm, is that a poor attempt to cover up the fact no one actually landed there or are they scared someone will nick the flag? Anywho, the reason for NASA becoming so precious is because of their concerns over the Google Lunar X prize. Google are offering a bucket load of money to whoever can land a robot on the moon, get it to move over 500meters and send back photos (a bit like Google streetscape only even more boring). NASA don’t want these robots messing with their mess.

Want sauce with that?


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