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About That Head In The River

You know what I hate? When you are going for a walk and you see a human head with “curly hair and eyebrows” in the River Witham, only to have the police inform you a little time later it was a friggin rock! I really hate that. Yes, it was in England!

Want sauce with that?


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This Rocks

Rocky, the 30 tonne boulder that landed in Phil Johnson’s living room during the Christchurch earthquake is up for grabs. Yes, the pristine rock, which rolled down a hill and landed in his house,  is currently on Trade Me.  Mr Johnson says it  could be used as a garden feature or a “magnificent addition to your living area”. All proceeds to the sale of “Rocky” will be going towards the Christchurch earthquake appeal.

Psst Oh I forgot, there’s one catch, you have to remove the boulder yourself.

Want to bid click here Trademe.co.nz .


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St Peter Appears on an Agate

Hey, hey St Peter

OK, I’m going to have to take her word for it but a woman in San Antonio claims the face of St Peter is staring back at her from an agate stone. She is pretty much convinced it’s him, pointing out that in Exodus 28:17:21 is says 12 stones represent the 12 houses of Israel and one of those stones is an agate. Hmm, so that makes sense. Then we have his name “Peter” which in Greek (Petros) means rock and of course “On this rock I will build me church…..” So I am kinda leaning towards the fact she is darn tootin right!


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You Want a Piece of Me?

Take that you bastard!

If you are going to attempt to mug someone in Fall River, Massachusetts, I suggest you avoid 66 year old women wielding rocks. A woman who had been warned about a suspicious vehicle hanging around a park decided she would pick up a rock for protection. Well, lucky she did because before she could say bippityboppityboo a man tried to grab her. Well a big Kaboom to him. She belted the would-be kidnapper in the face several times with the rock sending him running to his vehicle with a bloodied face. Mugger 0, Granny 1.


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