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Big Shout Out To NZSki

Remember “Rocky”, the 30 tonne boulder for sale in the New Zealand Trade Me? You know, the one that rolled down the hill during the Christchurch earthquake and ended up in the lounge room of Phil Johnson’s house. Yeah, well it sold for $60,000. Yes, you heard me,  60,000 buckaroos! At one stage NZSki‘s bid was removed because they thought it was a hoax but it wasn’t. They are now planning to haul the big old rock to Mt Hutt and put on display at their car park. Hmm, and someone is even knitting a hat for it. Bravo guys.

Psst All the money is going to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal.

Want sauce with that?


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This Rocks

Rocky, the 30 tonne boulder that landed in Phil Johnson’s living room during the Christchurch earthquake is up for grabs. Yes, the pristine rock, which rolled down a hill and landed in his house,  is currently on Trade Me.  Mr Johnson says it  could be used as a garden feature or a “magnificent addition to your living area”. All proceeds to the sale of “Rocky” will be going towards the Christchurch earthquake appeal.

Psst Oh I forgot, there’s one catch, you have to remove the boulder yourself.

Want to bid click here Trademe.co.nz .


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