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Just Another Bad Hair Day

Oh boy, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been given the flick (and not in a good way) he ain’t gonna be working in this town ever again. Hmm, I suppose if you are going to try and sell Mr Man of the moment’s senate seat for personal gain you should expect a little hair ruffling. But people, it was a 59 to zip Senate vote.They all agreed he abused his power. How more convincing can that be? Yeah, yeah, yeah a “political corruption crime spree” maybe, but aren’t all politician guilty of it now and then? I am thinking if I was Rod I’d toddled off to the barber, get a number 2 and go directly to another State (maybe Iowa) and then reinvent your friggin self (hey, it worked for Mickey Rourke).
Man, I don’t think they like you one little bit in Illinois . Here is what a few of your senator buddies had to say about ya ;”devious cynical, crass and corrupt politician, and someone from whom the people of this state must be protected,” Senator Dale Righter (off the Christmas card list I am guessing); “The governor’s word is not worth the paper it’s written on,” senator John Jones (ouch!);”He repeatedly abused his power and we need to extinguish it and extinguish it today,” senator Kirk Dillard (burn!).
So what did Rod do to get impeached? Ooh, other than having the wrong hairdo, which I think is a major crime in itself, he was charged with corruption i.e. bribery, “pay to play”, fraud, flogging the Presidents seat,oh you name it he did it. And so that makes him different than other politicians how?
Wanna see the whole ugly demise? Play that video…..

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