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Sprinkle 1, Players 0

Naw Wimbledon…game, set and match.


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You Can Steal A Commercial Plane?

Apparently, a worker at Seattle International Airport got into the cockpit of a Horizon Air Q400 plane and took off down the runway. When the tower realized there was a rogue plane the fighter jets were summoned. For a good thirty minutes, the random guy did loop-the-loops and uncontrolled rolls without any pilot training what-so-ever. His flight plan looked like this…

The fighter jets followed the plane whilst the tower kept in communications with the guy in the cockpit. They were trying in vain to guide him to a nearby military airstrip so they could help him land. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The plane crashed. It has yet to be confirmed whether the plane ran out of fuel or if he deliberately ditched it. Either way very sad for his family.



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Vacuum Cleaner That Really Sucks

hairFeet up everyone. A South Korean woman has been attacked by her robot vacuum cleaner. The rogue machine waited until the woman was snoozing before making its move. With stealth the VC zipped over to her and sucked up her hair refusing to let go. A struggle ensued but the VC wasn’t about to give up. Eventually she managaged to ring emergency services, who rushed over and found the evil robot attached to her head. No word on the fate of the rogue vacuum cleaner but the woman will no longer be taking naps on the floor while vicious cleaner appliances are around.


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Three Rogue Dolphins On the Loose

No need to panic loons, but three rogue Ukrainian dolphins are on the loose. Oh, I meant three of their navy’s “killer” dolphins are on the loose and they are trained to attack. Feet out of the water. The navy are being a bit hush-hush about exactly what killer dolphins are capable of but I wouldn’t be patting one if I were you. Kaboom!!!


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Lest We Forget

I can’t begin today without a mention of the 5 soldiers who Australia lost yesterday in Afghanistan. Three of those were shot at point plank range by a man “wearing an Afghan National Army uniform” and who was thought to be an ally. The other two were Australian special forces soldiers who were aboard a International Security Assistance Force helicopter when it crashed. To the families and loved ones, both prayers and thoughts.


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