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The Price You Pay

A Romanian woman was so pissed at her hubby for not buying her flowers on International Women’s Day, guess what she did loons? She ripped off his scrotum, that’s what. She told police she was fed up with being ignored by her lazy husband.“I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his balls. It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that’s when it happened. I thought maybe that some ice would solve the problem”


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Throw Another Monet on the Barbie

Art thief's mother incinerates 7 stolen masterpiecesIf you ever take up art heisting be sure not to tell your mom. A suspected Romanian art thief’s mother told authorities that she had incinerated Picasso’s Tete d’Arlequin, Monet’s Waterloo Bridge , Lucian Freud’s Woman with Eyes Closed and four other masterpieces in her oven because she wanted to destroy the evidence so her son wouldn’t get in trouble.  The artworks, valued at $144 million, were stolen in  2012 from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal museum in less than 60 seconds. Momma used logs, slippers and rubber shoes to fuel the fire. Despite her efforts, it looks like her son will be enjoying the neutral tones of orange.


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Practice Makes Perfect

Two Romanian medical students, Carmen Bejan and Sergiu Raul Florea, have both been thrown into prison for 16 years for killing a man and then dissecting him with surgical instruments. Ewh! Evidently Bejan lured the man onto campus, had sex with him for money and then stabbed him over 50 times before dissecting him with the help of her boyfriend. They were eventually caught when they were seen loading pieces of the body into their car. Then it became a “he did it, she did it” blame game.


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New Meaning To Getting Hammered

Man uses hammers to cure constipation

Using tools for your stools..what a fool!

Please don’t try this at home people because we now know it doesn’t work. Romanian Viorel Firoiu has stunned medics in Orlea by rocking up to hospital with two hammerheads stuck up his butt.Seems Old Firoiu had been gorging himself on cherries and alcohol all day and found himself a tad constipated. That’s when the idea struck him. If he stuck a hammerhead up his bum it may help shift the shit.Unfortunately the hammerhead got stuck, so he came up with a second idea…if I used another hammer to get the first one out it might…ouch…where did it go? Hmm, when Firoiu rocked up to hospital he was complaining of excruciating pain.X-rays revealed the tools were well and truly wedged and he had to undergo surgery to have them removed.

Psst Wanna see what two hammerheads in the butt look like? The Sun.


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