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Heads Will Roll

embarrassedThe first rule when murdering and dismembering your roommate is to make sure the head doesn’t fall out of the trash bag when removing the body because someone might just see it. Just saying. The Memphis witness told police “When it fell, it was a head. I was like man what the hell, what you got going on bro?”

Want sauce with that?


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Friggin Snoring

OK, here’s the thing Chinese student, if your roomie snores don’t be stabbing him to death, it will only end in tears. Oh come on, Guo Liwei tried to be reasonable with the friggin damn noisy Zhao Yan but all he got for his troubles was a mouthful of abuse. He even went so far as posting a video of Zhao’s snoring on the Jilin agricultural university website but in the end it all became too much and Liwei grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the back and chest in the middle of the night. Best night sleep he had for ages.


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