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Best Conspiracy This Year

Welcome 2019 and welcome the first new conspiracy theory of the year. This involves Meaghan Markle and the royal bub to be. Rumours have been spreading recently by a small group that Meaghan isn’t pregnant at all and is, in fact, faking it. Enter the British made “moon-bump”. The strap on bump gives the appearance of being pregnant and is often used by actresses. Evidently, there have been photos suggesting that Meaghan has been wearing one under her designer frocks. A small group believes Harry and Meaghan are using a surrogate. Bless, don’t you love them. Here’s how it all started….

PSST: You can follow the conspiracy theorists on Twitter #MEGXIT





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Royal Blush

Coffin sold with skeletal remainsPrince Andrew is flying home from a skiing holiday to face his mummy over the latest Royal under age sex scandal.  I’m guessing he’s been dodging the bullet for awhile. Quick PR people, throw Kate , Wills and George back out into the public arena or throw Fergie back under the bus ….. anything!!!!



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It’s Murder She Wrote

Remember the female body found on the Queen’s Sandringham estate New Years Day, which wasn’t Fergie’s? Well police suspect foul play and are currently scouring cold cases. The body of the woman was found near where the Royal family gather for their Boxing Day shoot. Oo Oh! I hope it wasn’t fowl play, because that wouldn’t be pheasant (sorry, bad joke). Police believe the body could have been there for over four months without being detected.


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Were The Royal Family Informed?

Color me cynical but I did raise an eyebrow when the Royal Family announced that Prince William would be delaying his honeymoon. I thought agents may have been worried that there was a  plot afoot to ruin his fairytale. Hmm, I’m now guessing the MI5 got wind of the US mission to bump off Osama Bin Laden and didn’t want the future King of England to be gallivanting overseas in the aftermath. Could this also be the real reason while president Obama was not invited to the Royal Wedding? Hello, what a perfect time to strike, when half the world were watching the nuptials !


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Prince and the Paupers

Geez, you would think investing in a company owned by one of the Queen’s kids would be a sure thing. Hmm, evidently not. Prince Edward, the youngest snowflake of Her Majesty, has managed to  make a $3 million production company worth less than $70.Which is no mean feat considering he claimed Ardent would be one of the best production companies in the industry. Sadly the company went into liquidation last year and all the investors were left with was £40.27 to fight over.


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