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Could I have a Plate of Crumbed Pig Rectums Thanks

Is calamari made from pig rectumsOMG, step away from the calamari it could be made from pig rectums. Seems some horrific rumor has been spreading that some of those chewy rings of calamari are really made from the butt hole of pigs. Dear lord,  I don’t want to be eating no nasty pig parts. Evidently, the rumor started from a guy who worked at a pork production factory and now it has snowballed.


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Kim Jong Um Sitting In A Tree

Well blow me down with a feather if Kim Jong Um hasn’t got himself a girlfriend. The mystery woman has yet to be named but she appears to be in her mid 20s and has been seen wearing a yellow polka dot dress. Rumors are abound with suggestions it is either his sister or his wife.


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I’ll Pass On The Banana Smoothie

Want to know the best way to make the sales of bananas plummet? Spread a rumor via email that Mozambique bananas are infected with a flesh eating disease. Yes, that will do it. The email warns people against eating the fruit because they could be infected by necrotising fasciitis just like South African bananas. What the?

Psst It’s not true, walk away, no flesh eating  bananas here!


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Friggin Local Psychic!

You know what I hate? When a rumor spreads through a Belize village that the American animal sanctuary owners had fed two missing children to their crocs. I really friggin hate that. Cherie and Vince Rose had spent six years building the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Central America in  an effort to save endangered reptiles. Sadly, however, a local psychic told the villagers that two missing local kids  had been killed by the couple and  fed to their 17 crocs. That’s a torching, right there!  Yes, truckloads of angry indigenous Mayans, armed with guns and machetes arrived at the sanctuary and burned it to the ground. Fortunately the Roses weren’t home at the time or they would have found themselves  starring in a real life horror movie.


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Actress Does Not Have Six Toes

OK Grey’s Anatomy fans, lets just get this straight, Ellen Pompeo does not have six toes on each foot. It’s lies people, lies. The misunderstanding started after a photo was published in the Daily Mail of what appeared to be the actress having six toes on each foot, a condition known as polydactyly.This has now proven to have been an optical illusion, so can we all go back to pulling the piss on Lindsay Lohan please!!!


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Justin Bieber Has Syphilis?

Not so cool now are you freak boy!!!

Oh you little kidders, you. Someone on the popular website 4chan.org decided to make it their life long goal of getting “Justin Beiber syphilis” as the #1 search term in the US… and guess what? They friggin succeeded. Yes, Sunday night “Justin Beiber Syphilis” was the No1 search term according to Google Trends. Well done. Now that is a PR friggin nightmare. See, that’s what happens when you have a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian! No word yet from the Bieber camp on whether the nasty rumor is true!

Psst Sheez, lucky I Beiber proofed my computer, wouldn’t want to catch that virus!!! Oh well, I am sure some cream will clear it up!!!


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