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Wait Until She Sobers Up

Whoopsie daisy, a drunk woman was lucky to be alive after she fell onto the tracks at Boston’s North Station at the same time as a train was approaching. After the train comes to a grinding halt she gets up smiling while everyone around her are beside themselves and packing their daks. She then miraculously avoids getting electroluxed after getting way too close to the electrified third rail of the tracks.Of course it was all caught on CCTV cameras ( how many friggin lives has she got?)…check it out..


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Mothers Worst Nightmare!

Attention mothers, note how easy it is for a baby in a pram to roll off a platform and be hit by an oncoming train as it comes into the station. The mother, who appears to be pulling up her pants, lets go for just a second and bam! Frightening. OK, don’t panic loons, the child miraculously escaped without injury. Hmm, but mother maybe in therapy for quite some time!


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