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Here Pussy, Pussy, Pussy

A man in Australia has been arrested after he deliberately ran his sister down with his car after her cat pissed on his computer. She remains in a serious condition in hospital, bro has been arrested and the cat lives to spray another day.


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Train Proof

When a freight train driver in Blenheim called police believing he had run over someone on the tracks, everyone expected to be looking for a mangled body but instead they found a drunk man still asleep between the tracks. In fact he had slept through the whole thing, despite having cuts on his forehead from the train.


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Health And Safety Fail

What does one do when a racing car marshall falls over in front of a Formula 1 car wheel? Keep pushing people …time is money.


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11 Trains and No One noticed

OMG, OMG, OMG, an operator of a New York subway train failed to notice a women who fell between cars and  subsequently she was run over by another six cars THEN a further 10 trains before anyone noticed her. Arabell Lin, who had a prosthetic leg, was walking between train cars when she fell. After falling she hit a device that triggers the emergency brake. The operator claims he spent a good seven minutes looking under the train for any obstruction before continuing on  his merry way, however, investigators beg to differ. It isn’t clear at what stage  Ms Lin died. Urgh.


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A Little More Than Just Sand In Your Face!

It's OK mister, I'll get you out!

OK, here’s the thing Mr policeman in your SUV, when you are responding to an emergency on the beach, be on the look out for sunbathers lying in  lounge chairs. Marshall Starkman was squished into the sand and left with tire marks on his back after officer Paul Demarco accidentally ran over him as he raced to help a surfer in distress. The SUV squashed him so far into the sand the chair almost disappeared. Mr Starkman is in hospital with a fractured spine and a broken rib. The dangers of sunbathing I guess!

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