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Assassination Attempt on US Defence Secretary

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta must be sweating bricks.  As his plane was about to touch down at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan today a vehicle drove onto the runway and went kaboom, in what is feared to be an attempted assassination. Hmm, I don’t think  Panetta’s visit to Afghanistan to quell fears over  the US soldier’s rampage has got off to a very good start.


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Landing Gear Down

OK, your it!

The coolest way to divert airplanes in India is to get drunk and run naked down the runway. It works! The Delhi airport had it’s hands full trying to detain a naked , drunk man, who had jumped a three meter high fence so he could play  chicken with the landing planes. Eventually the runway had to be closed while security went out to grab him. Ewh, I could think of better things to do than chase a naked drunk dude in India !


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Plane Angry Granny

Woman arrested for shooting at planeA plane continues to fly too low near your house, what do you do? Grab your friggin .22 caliber gun, wander onto the runway and shoot at it, of course! Judy Davis (69) of Fulton is in deep doodah after she was arrested following an incident at a local airport. She is alleged to have shot at an aircraft as it was coming into land because she was so pissed off at it repeatedly buzzing her home.


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