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Start Spreading the News

Hey ladies, guess who’s back on the market? Rupert Murdoch.


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Can Someone Hand Rupert Murdoch A Mirror

And now for the pot calling the kettle black. Rupert Murdoch tweeted yesterday “Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, even evil, about these people.” . Geez Rupert, I happened to have watched  you and your son getting grilled at the UK phone hack inquiry and let me tell ya, people in glass houses!!!!

Psst Where are News of the World when you need them, if there ever was someones phone to hack!!!!


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Murdoch’s The Sun Hacked Again

Oh dear, it seems those naughty little hackers have been throwing slings and arrows at Murdoch’s online newspaper The Sun again. This is what I got about 2 minutes ago.

Yes, of course I clicked the link …..

Egads, they were  either hacked or have totally rebranded via WordPress.

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Please Explain Again James Murdoch

Oh boy, James Murdoch has been recalled back to British parliament. This can’t be good. Seems a few ex News Corpers have contradicted statements made by Rupert’s son during a grilling last month. Sheez, they should have tapped their phones!


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Poor Rupert, nothing seems to be going right for him. During his inquisition by British MP’s he received a shaving cream pie to the face. Sadly what you can’t really see is Mrs Murdoch enormous slap cross  the pie thrower’s face. Don’t mess with my rich hubby!!!  Hmm, security must have been exceptionally tight!


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The Sun Goes Down

Thought those pesky hackers had vanished didn’t you? Well, you were wrong, LulSec are back and they have just taked down The Sun’s online news website. Murdoch just can’t take a trick! The internet pranksters placed a hoax story on the site announcing Murdoch had been foun dead in his garden of an overdose. Once the story was removed they went hacking again and redirected the traffic to it’s Twitter page. LOL! So much for them calling it quits.

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Rebekah Brooks Resigns

Sinking ship, sinking ship!!!

The hen has finally left the chook house! Rebekah Brooks who is embroiled in the News of the World scandal has finally resigned following an alleged outburst by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, who  declared Mrs Brooks had “fucked the company”. Oh and if Mr Murdoch thought it couldn’t get any worse, the FBI have announced that they will investigate whether any 9/11 victims and their families have had their phones hacked.

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How the Mighty Have Fallen

As Rupert Murdoch and his son James face British parliament on Tuesday to answer questions about the World of The News phone hacking scandal I wonder if we, the public, will ever know the full extent of the scandal. What other little skeletons have they be hiding in the closet? Here’s what a few of my colleagues have been saying around the water cooler…. they know the truth about what happened to Princess Diana, they have phone hacked conversations with Tony Blair and George W over the weapons of mass destruction lies, they have been supplying WikiLeaks with info, they have used information to discredit certain politicians, it goes beyond News of the World (eg Fox news) , it’s been going on far longer than anyone suspects and it’s all going to be covered up.

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News Of The World Axed

News of the World is gone dot com! After 168 years Rupert Murdoch has been forced to close the paper thanks to a hacking and bribery scandal. Seems up to 4,000 phones were hacked by a private investigator working for Murdoch’s paper in order to get fodder for their stories. The most serious being the phone hacking of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The private detective hired to retrieve info had deleted several messages from her phone during the search for Milly leading the family to believe she was still alive.  Then there’s the corrupt police officers who were paid thousands by the News of The World journos for confidential information.The former editor Andy Coulson and several journalists are expected to be arrested soon over the police bribery claims. James Murdoch (Rupert’s son) has even admitted to trying to pay off some of the victims to buy their silence.  Oh and did I happen to mention the Prime Minister hired Andy Coulson as his chief spin doctor.Tsk, tsk, tsk. But don’t fret, cynics believe this is just a clever ruse by Murdoch to re-brand the paper. Hmm, so much for Fair and Balanced!!!!

Psst It is expected that 200 people will lose their jobs but surprisingly Rebekah Brooks ,the UK boss, and James Murdoch (Rupert’s son) won’t be among  them!


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