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Best Excuse EVER

A Russian woman claims the reason she kaboomed a deer in her car was because she was being distracted by a sasquatch she spied in her rear view mirror. The woman told police the  mythical creature was chasing a deer and when she took a glance in the mirror…. and then bang,  she took out the deer.

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Extreme Curling

Bored much? When the art of curling got way too dull for one Russian enthusiast he decided to up the anti and replace the stones with cars. The idea must have tickled the fancy of the local car insurance company because they now have a tournament. So here is how it is played….the cars are stripped of their engine and windows, a team member jumps behind the wheel and steers (this eliminates the use of a broom), and then the car is pushed by team mates,  the closest car to the centre of a painted circle wins.


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Should We Be Worried?

Old Vlad Putin has ordered all Russians abroad to return home. Hmm, this doesn’t sound good. Especially after the nation had a mega training drill on how to survive man made or natural disasters last week. Is he not telling us something?

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Someone Was Bored

What do you do when you see a bunch of dogs roaming aimlessly up the street? Well if you are in Russia you grab your laser and mess with them …that’s what. Silly mutts.


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It Takes Balls To Date a Stranger

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOh those Russians. A married Russian TV presenter got quite a surprise when he woke up, after spending the night with a blonde stranger, only to discover his testicles were gone. Hate that. Mr Nikolaev claims he woke up the next day with a mega sore crotch and blood all over his pants. Docs at the hospital where he was rushed  said whoever did it was very skilful. Police believe he was a victim of a black market gang who sell organs.


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sherlock 2OK, note to self, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, pull the piss on Putin. A well known Russian actor Alexei Devotchenko did and he’s dead. Devotchenko was found lying in an enormous pool of blood in his apartment. Alexei was a very outspoken opponent of the Russian ruler often criticizing him in his blog posts. It wasn’t the first time the actor has been targeted. He was almost killed in an attack in a metro station in Moscow in 2012. Russian authorities deny his murder has anything to do with them. As you would.


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WTF World?

embarrassedIf the outbreak of Ebola and the uprising of ISIS isn’t bad enough, Putin has warned the world , back off we have nuclear weapons. Seriously folks, I’m not sure I’m really ready for a nuclear war, in fact I don’t think I ever recovered from the emergency drills we had to do as kids at school in case Russia pushed the red button. Though after they showed us the movie Threads , it made hiding under a desk in a crouched position seem silly and futile, however it did escalate  my nightmares. Anywho, Preppers will be pleased and so too the bomb shelter making people.


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