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In space, no one can hear you scream

The Russian Space Agency is freaking out after they discovered a 2mm hole in the venting system of one of their Space Crafts. Alarms were raised when the cabin pressure began to slowly drop. All on board were ordered to look for the cause. The hole was discovered near the toilet covered by a flap. Initially, it was thought the hole was made by a tiny meteorite but when they studied the hole they changed their tune, believing it was deliberately made. The hole was too neat and consistent with being made by a drill. Plus it was made from the inside, not the outside. There are several theories to this potentially Tom Hanks starring drama, 1) it was a poorly patched up mistake made by a contractor 2) it was made by a homesick astronaut hoping to return to Earth early or 3. SABOTAGE. Luckily they had some epoxy resin because apparently duct tape is useless in space.


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How Boring

Sheez, the most disappointing myth bust I have heard all year. Russians did not, have not and probably will never have sex in space. What the hell have they been doing up there all this time then? Hmm , I guess it’s probably a bitch getting in and out of those space suits! Boy, am I glad I didn’t become an astronaut! Come on guys, at least  no one would hear you!!!!!!


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