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Has Anyone Got A Russian Dictionary I Could Borrow?

samuraiHoly crap Abbott , what the hell did you say? Seems the little chinwag with Putin about the MH17 kaboom has enraged the Russian leader. Four warships are reportedly heading Down Under in a short man syndrome attempt to scare the beejezzus out of us. Well, we should send our Frigates out there to give them some Vegemite and  some cute cuddly koala toys, that should hold them at bay for awhile. Alternatively, we could tell them that cane toads taste like black caviar and off load a few crates of them. Those invasive little critters would be no match  we’d would have control of Russia in a month!

Psst Relax, evidently they are here for the G20 meeting in Queensland. Putin likes to show off his wears.


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