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Mind The Gap

A Russian law student has had it with men manspreading on trains and has taken action into her own hands. Armed with a bottle of water mixed with bleach she is “spray crotching” offenders. Yes, you heard me, she is walking up and down aisles of trains and splashing any man who dares spread his legs to an unacceptable width in the crotch. The mixture is guaranteed to leave the area in question bleached. Manspread shaming has just been taken to a new level. So far no one has reported her because let’s face it, who is going to go to the police?

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Boob Job Saves Russian Woman’s Life

A Russian woman is thanking her lucky stars she got herself a boob job after her hubby plunged a knife into her chest during a domestic and it couldn’t penetrate all that silicon. Doctors conferred that without her big knockers she would have been dead. The unnamed woman got into a fight with her husband and in a fit of anger he picked up a knife and stabbed her in the left boob. The knife failed to reach the heart thanks to her state-of-the-art implants. Oh and added bonus, they didn’t leak either.


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Jealous Even At 98

Sheez, can't a man look?

You’re never too old to whack your cheating hubby over the head with a pan I say.Just ask the mother of all cougars a 98 year old Russian woman who suspected her 78 year old husband had been eying off their female neighbor. Bo-ing, take that you bastard. The hubby, whose head must have been ringing, returned the compliment by hitting her on the hand with a rolling pin. The elderly woman now faces assault charges and probably great make-up sex!!!


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Meltdown in Aisle Three

This is no way to get smashed on alcohol. An angry Russian woman was filmed in San Fransisco throwing a tantrum down the liquor aisle. Evidently, prior to the footage she was throwing the bottles at customers.


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Mona Lisa Punk’d

Take that bitch!

Take that bitch!

If you are going to throw something at the Mona Lisa, a cup of English Breakfast tea is a good a thing as any. Hmm, some crazy Russian woman hurled her cuppa over the heads of tourists and managed a direct hit on the bullet proof glass housing the famous Da Vinci painting at the Louvre. The woman was later jumped by security guards and dragged away.  A museum spokesman said ‘It is one of the most well guarded works of art in the world, and it would take more than a well-aimed tea-cup to damage it.’ Yeah, he’s right. But doctors are now assessing the strange Russian woman for Stendhal Syndrome,you know that weird condition that causes people to go into an utter state of confusion and/or commit violent acts when they are exposed to art (aka smart defence strategy). Geez, that painting has been through it’s fair share of drama, it’s been stolen, had acid and a hammer thrown at it and now  tea! It’s her friggin smirk!

Psst Hmm, I hope it was Twinnings, they make the best brew! Gosh, I hope it was Nigella!!!!


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