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Baba Yaga

The moral of this story is never ask Tamara Samsonova to do the dishes or you might end up in pieces. The 68 year old Russian woman confessed to cutting up a 79 year old woman and throwing her head in a pond because of a spat over unwashed cups. When police searched her flat they discovered her diary which relieved more than they were expecting. Seems for the past 20 years the Granny Ripper had been bumping people off , cutting them into pieces and eating them… the lungs being her favourite . The granny has confessed to all the murders and told the court she was expecting to be caught eventually.


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The Mayan Calendar Excuse

A Russian man is refusing to pay his traffic fine because he believes the Mayan calendar. Yep, he has told debt collectors the world will be ending on December 21 so it’s a pointless exercise paying the fine. Hmm, good luck with that.


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Incoming Toxic Satellite

Hey loons, remember me talking about that Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt? You know , the one expected to crash to earth anytime soon! Well, about that, seems the friggin thing is full of seriously toxic fuel making it one of the most toxic falling satellites ever. Oh and there is even more great news. The friggin thing could crash Down Under. Assume the crash position Aussie loons and don those hard hats until further notice.


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Burial Fail

You OK?

OK, here’s the thing Russian guy who buried himself as part of an endurance test, always have an exit strategy. A Russain man died after he buried himself alive in a friend’s garden . Sure he was inside a makeshift coffin with holes for air and blanket, water and cell phone but he didn’t take into account the rain! When his friend checked on him the next day he was dead. Seems those holes for air got kinda clogged up.


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Arctic Glow

Nope, nothing to worry about

Oh for crying out loud, another friggin nuclear leak, this time from a Russian atomic-powered icebreaker in the Arctic. Yep, the 21,000-tonne Taimyr icebreaker which is run by nuclear power has a friggin leak in its primary coolant system. Despite initials reports the leak poses no threat experts aren’t quite so sure. Hello, we all know how slow Russia is to admit it has a problem!

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Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina

OMG, a video which was taken off Youtube because of its ‘shocking and disgusting’ content has resurfaced and gone pretty much viral. The video entitled ‘Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina’ shows a woman friggin swinging a little biddy baby by it’s arms and legs. It was originally thought the video was a fake but now people aren’t so sure.

WARNING  : This video is graphic , so if you don’t want to see a baby being flung around by it’s arms and legs don’t click.


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Jealous Even At 98

Sheez, can't a man look?

You’re never too old to whack your cheating hubby over the head with a pan I say.Just ask the mother of all cougars a 98 year old Russian woman who suspected her 78 year old husband had been eying off their female neighbor. Bo-ing, take that you bastard. The hubby, whose head must have been ringing, returned the compliment by hitting her on the hand with a rolling pin. The elderly woman now faces assault charges and probably great make-up sex!!!


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From Russia With Love

After having set adrift those Somali pirates  it’s not surprising that the Russians have now  announced that three of the alleged organizers of the Moscow Metro bombings have been killed. The official words goes something like this … “To our great regret, we were unable to detain them alive because they put up fierce armed resistance and were killed.” Hmm, which is Russian for “we killed the bastards and saved ourselves a trial.”


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Who’s a Chump Now?

One chain smoking piss pot!

The best place for a beer drinking , cigarette smoking chimpanzee is friggin rehab. Zhora an ex-circus monkey from Russia has become so addicted to alcohol and nicotine he would pester people for a puff or a swig. Now concerned zookeepers have decided the best place for Zhora is rehab. Hmm, better late than never!


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Honey, I’m Gonna Be Home Early

Way too funny for words. Watch when a Russian factory worker’s foot slips on the accelerator of a forklift. Hmm, it is even funnier to know the boxes were filled with glass bottles of vodka and cognac. Guess who won’t be getting his Christmas bonus!


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