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As American As Apple Pies

Yeah, about that Sacramento bank robber who claimed to be carrying a bomb in a fast food bag, it was actually a pair of McDonald’s apple pies. Step away, nothing to see here. Daniel Hegwood used the art of deceit when he walked into a Wells Fargo bank with his paper bag and told the teller he had a bomb. Shame he didn’t use the art of moving like a jack rabbit when he left with the cash because he got caught nearby.


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Prison Psychologist Should Have Talked About It!!

OK, here’s the thing prison psychologist, faking being raped to convince your hubby to move to a safer neighborhood is a bit excessive, don’t ya think? Laurie Ann Martinez split her lip, wet her pants, ripped her blouse and scraped her knuckles with sandpaper  to give the impression of being mugged and raped in her Sacramento  home. Martinez and her friends eventually admitted to police the whole thing was a hoax to convince her hubby to move. Hmm, guess what? Hubby packed his bags and left 6 weeks after the incident and filed for divorce. Where does one start with the moral of this story?

Want sauce with that?


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Jesus Appears On A Coconut

The things you find in Paradise

Another Jesus sighting people, this time on a coconut in the produce section of a local grocery story in Paradise, Sacramento. Mike Zachweija said he went shopping for bananas a few days before Christmas but became distracted by a bunch of coconuts. On one of the nuts he clearly saw a silhouette of a face. He decided to buy the coconut and on Christmas day with the light falling on the face realized it was that of Jesus. Mr Zachweija said “Jesus sent out his own Christmas card greeting by way of a simple coconut.”


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That’s a Bomb

Boy ignites after filling balloon with lighter fluidThis is  wrong on so many levels. A boy from Sacramento is in hospital after he was allegedly ignited by his friend. The two were mucking around with water balloons when they decided to fill one with lighter fluid. Unfortunately the balloon burst covering one of the kids with highly flammable liquid. Enter second child, who decided to set his friend on fire. After the flames were doused the kid lit him up one more time!

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It Will Take A Lot More Than That!

Shame, I was starting to like that family!

Shame, I was starting to like that family!

Holy bug bombs Batman. A Sacramento man blew up his apartment (literally) and damaged two others after he used 18 bug bombs to rid the place of a roach infestation.Yes Tone Pina, who couldn’t bare the cockroaches partying on his children’s faces at night any longer, decided to kill them once and for all. He placed about 18 foggers strategically around the apartment and set them off…next thing boom! Firefighters suspect the fridge was the ignition source which caused the explosion and about a million dollars worth of damage. Despite Pina’s best efforts, the roaches are still partying in the now abandon buildings.

Guess there will be a new warning labels on bug bomb packaging!

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